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Military Religious Exemptions: Attorney General Jeff Landry Disappointed in U.S. Supreme Court Decision

Attorney General says pilot has fought for the very freedoms being denied to him

BATON ROUGE, LA – Attorney General Jeff Landry expressed disappointment after the United States Supreme Court declined to prevent the Air Force from disciplining a Reserve officer who refused a COVID shot due to his strongly held religious beliefs.

Attorney General Landry issued the following statement in regards to the latest action in Dunn v Austin – a legal challenge made by a combat pilot against Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate on men and women serving in the Armed Forces:

“Lt. Col. Dunn honorably served our Nation in battle, yet his fight for medical freedom and religious liberty has seemingly ended his military career. I am disappointed the Supreme Court turned down his plea to continue service in the Air Force while his litigation continues in the lower courts. This pilot – and other service members – should be granted religious exemptions, just like so many military personnel have received secular exemptions. While I wish the Biden Administration would simply terminate their constant assaults on individual liberty, I know that more is required; so I will continue challenging them in court. I will not waver in my support of my fellow brothers and sisters in arms who risk life and limb to protect the liberties that Biden so willingly tramples. I hope the courts will do better as they weigh the merits of this case.”


Attorney General Landry joined an amicus brief in support of Lt. Col Dunn on April 12, 2022, asking the Justices to block the Air Force from inflicting punishments that deprive Dunn of his First Amendment freedoms and irreparably harm his career.