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New Orleans Changes Its Sanctuary Policies; Attorney General Jeff Landry Cites Move as Positive Step Toward Improving Public Safety

WASHINGTON, DC – Hours after the announcement of a Congressional hearing investigating the sanctuary policies of the Crescent City, the City of New Orleans has changed its illegal mandates upon law enforcement.

"This Spring, I advocated for legislation in Louisiana that would have increased public safety by incentivizing government to follow the law," said Attorney General Jeff Landry. "Because of this effort – Lafayette Parish no longer has a sanctuary policy and the City of New Orleans has now changed its policies to allow the NOPD to cooperate with federal authorities."

General Landry, who testified this morning at the U.S. House's New Orleans: How the Crescent City became a Sanctuary City hearing, chastised the Administration for "not only deciding to not enforce the law, but for also using their power to coerce local jurisdictions in my State to institute sanctuary policies."

General Landry later added that Louisiana is now a safer place because of the changes to New Orleans policy.

"I am proud that our efforts to expose the actions of the DOJ and the City of New Orleans have resulted in substantive changes to the City’s policies," said General Landry. "Because of the efforts we made in Louisiana, our State no longer has any jurisdiction prohibited from communicating with federal immigration authorities."