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Attorney General Jeff Landry Praises Overtime Ruling

Federal Court Blocks Yet Another Executive Overreach

BATON ROUGE, LA – Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry is praising the U.S. District Court in Texas for granting a preliminary injunction yesterday against the United States Department of Labor’s overtime rule. The decision prevents implementation of a new rule that would more than double the minimum salary overtime threshold for public and private workers.

“As I have often said, the Executive Branch cannot unilaterally make or change law; yesterday, the court once again confirmed that,” said Attorney General Landry. “I applaud the court for ensuring proper balance between the branches of government and for halting this red-taped, job-killing bureaucratic edict.”

If implemented, Louisiana would have been especially affected in the education, retail, government, health, hospitality, and professional service industries. So Attorney General Landry and his Solicitor General Liz Murrill took action. They filed the court challenge along with 20 other states.

“We could not sit idly by while the Executive Branch overstepped their Constitutional authority. Like Governor Edwards has done here, the President overreached by trying to create law with his pen,” said Solicitor General Murrill. “In the same week that the President set the record for most amount of regulations in American history, the federal court properly said not so fast.”

“In 2016 alone, the President has promulgated over 81,640 pages of regulations,” concluded Attorney General Landry. “We are excited to be on the front lines in defending Louisiana’s job creators and workers from these destructive rules. This court decision is a step forward on the path to making America great again.”