Ending Public Corruption
Attorney General Jeff Landry has vowed to make ending public corruption a priority statewide as part of his new Administration and to work closely with the FBI and other officials on these efforts moving forward.
Former probation officer from Robert arrested for malfeasance General Landry: My office is dedicated to investigating crimes and bringing to justice those who break the law, especially public servants who abuse their power. I am proud of my LBI agents for their professionalism and dedication to ending public corruption. Read More
Pointe Coupee employee facing public corruption charges General Landry: Louisiana deserves professionals who work to make our state better, not who violate the public’s trust. My office will continue to investigate, apprehend, and prosecute officials who break the law. Read More
Ex-Homer mayor convicted, sentenced for taking town funds General Landry: I have made it clear since entering office that the Louisiana Department of Justice will not stand for corrupt public officials. The people of our State deserve better and should expect more out of those who are appointed or elected to serve. Read More
Former Angola major arrested for reportedly using department credit card for personal purchases General Landry: The citizens of Louisiana should be able to trust their officials, elected and appointed, are working in a way that is ethical and follows the rule of law. When officials are not trusted, our system as a whole is compromised. Read More
AG arrests former manager of Evangeline Apartments for theft General Landry: I will bring to justice those who abuse and defraud our hard-working taxpayers. It is especially egregious for fraudsters to steal our State’s precious resources dedicated to helping Louisiana’s most vulnerable. Read More
Former Pointe Coupee deputy arrested accused of payroll fraud, malfeasance General Landry: Our State's people deserve officials who act in a way that is lawful and admirable. When their officials do not, it threatens the public’s trust in government; and we will root out that type of behavior. Read More
Former East Feliciana Parish coroner and deputy arrested in fraud conspiracy General Landry: My office will continue to use every resource we have to aggressively fight public corruption. The people of Louisiana deserve a government whose officials are held accountable for their actions. Read More
Ascension Parish President Matassa indicted Director Fremin: Attorney General Jeff Landry has on many occasions said that public officials have to be held accountable for their actions. They must hold themselves to a higher standard. They must be fair, honest and ethical, and that they must follow the law. If that does not happen it undermines the public trust in our system of government, and that is absolutely unacceptable. Read More
State files charges in Rapides DA theft case Attorney General Jeff Landry’s Office on Wednesday filed a bill of information against Margaruette Beard, formally charging her with theft and other charges. General Landry’s Office is handling the prosecution because the DA’s office is a victim and employees are potential witnesses. Read More
St. James parish president indicted for $70,000 of alleged fraud General Landry: The public should be able to trust that their government works for them in an admirable and respectable way. My office will not stand for corrupt officials, elected or appointed. Read More
AG Jeff Landry announces Louisiana public corruption arrest General Landry: In order to make our State an even better place, we must end Louisiana’s checkered past of public corruption and abuse of government offices. Read More
St. Charles Parish Hospital Board chairman arrested in case spawned by prosecution of DA Harry Morel General Landry: This arrest was a result of a conjunctional effort between the FBI and the local Sheriff’s Office. The people of Louisiana should know government officials, elected and appointed, are accountable for their actions. Read More
Former state official, 2 others charged in kickback scheme General Landry: Our State deserves better than public corruption, bribery, and abuse of government offices. Today should send a clear message that our office will investigate, apprehend, and prosecute those who defraud our state and its people. Read More
Attorney General terminates government legal contracts with DAs General Landry: For too long, Louisiana’s reputation of backroom deals has eroded the public’s trust in government. It is my intent to help restore public trust and to build credibility in our justice system. Read More
6 more arrested in DA's office bribery scheme General Landry: These arrests are part of my review to ensure those who have committed actions of public corruption see the results of their actions. Read More

Coming soon, the attorney's general office seeks to provide a mechanism by which to take online payments for collections.