Divisions Overview
The Louisiana Department of Justice is divided into the following divisions:
  • Administrative Services
  • Civil
  • Criminal
  • Executive
  • Gaming
  • Louisiana Bureau of Investigation
  • Litigation
  • Public Protection
Administrative Services
Coordinates the department’s budget, legislative affairs, and department planning and performance.
Director: Elise Cazes

Provides legal representation to the state, its departments and agencies, boards and commissions, and statewide elected officials.
Director: Angelique Freel

Assists federal, state, and local agencies in the investigation and prosecution of a wide range of criminal matters.
Director: Pat Magee

Oversees all department operations. Houses the Communications Division and the Solicitor General's Office.
Chief Deputy Attorney General: Bill Stiles

Serves as the principal liaison between the Attorney General's Office, the media, and the public.
Director: Millard Mulé

Solicitor General's Office
Coordinates the involvement of the Attorney General’s Office in cases before the United States Supreme Court, assists the Louisiana Department of Justice in preparing and presenting appellate cases in state and federal courts, directly handles select appeals, and coordinates the involvement of the Attorney General's Office with Amicus Curiae briefs. 
Director: Liz Murrill

Serves as legal advisor and legal representative to all Louisiana gaming regulatory agencies.
Director: Chris Hebert

Louisiana Bureau of Investigation
Provides follow-up investigation services for Criminal Division; responds to requests for investigative assistance from any government agency; and provides investigative services in white collar crime and public corruption.
Director: Joe Picone

Provides legal representation to the state, its officers, agents, employees, boards, and commissions in all tort claims seeking damages, whether or not covered by the State’s Self-Insurance Fund. 
Director: Sonia Mallett

Public Protection
Provides legal services in the areas of consumer protection and environmental law, insurance receivership, and fair housing.
Director: Mike Dupree

Coming soon, the attorney's general office seeks to provide a mechanism by which to take online payments for collections.