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Hire a Veteran Day Celebrated by the LADOJ

AG Jeff Landry Encourages Employers to Consider American Heroes

BATON ROUGE, LA - Today is National Hire a Veteran Day, and Attorney General Jeff Landry is encouraging Louisiana businesses and agencies to consider employing the brave men and women of America who have sacrificed so much to defend our great Nation.

“Louisiana is blessed with more than 280,000 veterans,” said General Landry. “These men and women have unique experiences and invaluable skills that would benefit all of our State’s workforce.”

“I call on all employers to give our veterans their utmost consideration for hire,” continued General Landry. “The private and public sector would each reap rewards from the leadership, integrity, and dedication our veterans can provide.”

“As Attorney General, I have seen the immeasurable value veterans have added to the Louisiana Department of Justice,” concluded General Landry. “I celebrate today by once again thanking them and their families for their service and sacrifice.”


The LADOJ currently employs more than 26 veterans and family members of numerous others.